Blacksmith's Anvils

The best thing one can do to ensure getting a good quality anvil is to buy one from a reputable manufacturer who has a long track record producing anvils.  Forge Tools Australia is the authorized Australian distributor for high quality anvils made by Refflinghaus, B&W and Kanca.

Kanca Drop Forged Anvils

These 20kg to 75kg anvils are produced by Kanca in Turkey from tough drop forged CF45 Carbon Steel and then induction hardened and surface planed. We had these anvils independently hardness tested and the test results showed an average inferred hardness of 59HRC on the edges and faces. They have been part of our teaching studio setup since 2015 and even after the pounding given by hundreds of beginner students, their faces are still in great condition.

Refflinghaus Professional Anvils

These anvils are often described as the Rolls Royce of anvils and are produced from the toughest steel throughout with the face and horns guaranteed to be at least 59HRC and chip resistant edges. They are produced according to a 150-year old design and have the highest rebound (over 90%) in the market. Produced in our preferred South German style, all anvils have a wide face which transitions into a round or square horn at either end. Each anvil has a round (pritchel) hole and a square (hardy) hole located to the side of the main face and the steel under the holes is very thick.